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Fiscal Year 2018 Released Reports

110 Chapters Unspent Fund Balances - FY 2017 963K
110 Chapters Unspent Fund Balances - FY 2018, 1st Qtr. 5,595K
110 Chapters Unspent Fund Balances - FY 2018, 2nd Qtr. 7,200K
Coalmine Canyon Follow-Up Review 4,831K
Crystal Chapter First Follow-Up Review 2,708K
Dilkon Chapter Follow-Up Review 4,824K\
Hardrock Chapter Special Review 2,368K
Jeddito Chapter Follow-Up Review 1,876K
Leupp Chapter Second Follow-Up Review 2,912K\
Naatsis'aan Chapter Third Follow-Up Review 2,480K\
Pueblo Pintado Chapter Special Review 2,526K
Smith Lake Chapter Special Review 2,409K\
To'Hajiilee Chapter Internal Audit 2,987K
Tsayatoh Chapter Internal Audit 4,411K

Div. of Econ. Dev. P-Card Purchases First Follow-Up Review 2,265K
Div. of Public Safety P-Card Purchases First Follow-Up Review 1,583K
Four Corners Monument Tribal Park Audit 3,385K
Lake Powell Tribal Park Audit 3,879K
Little Colorado River Tribal Park Audit 4,346K
Monument Valley Tribal Park Audit 5,569K
Navajo Div. of Transportation Second Follow-Up Review 2,596K
NN Board of Education Performance Evaluation 4,028K
NN Veterans Adm. Ft. Defiance Agency Second Follow-Up Review 2,154K
NOSHA P-Card Activities Follow-Up Review 1,799K
Navajo Parks & Recreation First Follow-Up Review 2,637K
Ofc. of Leg. Svcs. Performance Audit Follow-Up Review 4,390K\
Ofc. of Leg. Svcs. Assessment Follow-Up Review 6,048K\

If you would like a copy of the full audit report or a report prior to October 2000, download the document request form and submit it to our office.

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