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Employment Opportunities
The Navajo Nation Office of the Auditor General is always looking for hard working, innovative professionals who enjoy working with the Navajo people and making positive contributions to the Navajo Nation government.

We provide auditing, accounting and management advisory services to the Navajo Nation government programs, departments, chapters and entities. In conducting our work, we examine and evaluate the adequacy of management and accounting systems, procedures, business practices and internal controls. Our work includes financial related, performance and compliance audits, which are conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards promulgated by the Comptroller General of the United States. In addition to audits, we provide a wide variety of consulting services to the Navajo Nation and conduct special reviews and investigations.

Our audit projects result in recommendations to improve the Navajo Nation government and its operations. We recommend ways to increase the efficiency of management systems and processes, improve service delivery to the public, increase the effectiveness and quality of program efforts, reduce costs and improve the financial and administrative internal controls.

These diverse assignments provide intellectual challenging work and excellent opportunities for professional growth and career advancement.

Benefits offered at OAG
We recognize the benefits of attracting and maintaining high quality staff, so we offer a competitive salary and generous fringe benefit package. The benefit package includes: medical, dental, vision, retirement and 401K plans. These benefits are further supplemented by a liberal vacation policy, a flexible work schedule, opportunities for continuing education, including support for obtaining professional certifications, and rewards for high quality performance.

Link to Navajo Nation Personnel

For additional information on current job listings, job descriptions, and employment opportunities, you may go to the Navajo Nation Personnel website. The Office of the Auditor General is a Navajo Preference Employer.

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