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Fiscal Year 2012 Released Reports (Executive Summary)

Beclabito Chapter LGA Review 84K
Coalmine Canyon Chapter Special Review 63K
Crystal Chapter Financial Audit 74K
Dennehotso Chapter LGA Review 63K
Kayenta Chapter LGA Follow Up Review 82K
Klagetoh Chapter Supplemental Follow Up Review 60K
LeChee Chapter LGA Review 84K
Low Mountain Chapter Financial Audit 58K
Mariano Lake Chapter Financial Audit 79K
Mexican Springs Chapter Compliance Audit 88K
Mexican Water Chapter LGA Review 86K
Ojo Encino Chapter LGA Review 85K
Pinon Chapter LGA Review 84K
Ramah Chapter Follow Up Review 64K
Shiprock Chapter Supplemental Follow Up Review 68K
Smith Lake Chapter Follow Up Review 60K
St. Michaels Chapter Special Review 80K
Thoreau Chapter Supplemental Follow Up Review 67K
Thoreau Chapter 3rd Supplemental Follow Up Review 65K
Upper Fruitland Chapter LGA Review 85K
Whitehorse Lake Chapter Financial Audit 61K

DED PCard Purchases Special Review 85K
Insurance Services Department Supplemental Follow Up Review 87K
LGSC Supplemental Follow Up Review 55K

If you would like a copy of the full audit report or a report prior to October 2000, download the document request form and submit it to our office.

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