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Fiscal Year 2017 Released Reports

110 Chapters Unspent Fund Balances - FY 2016 11,075K
110 Chapters Unspent Fund Balance as of June 30, 2017 11,635K
Churchrock Chapter Internal Audit 4,452K
Coyote Canyon Chapter First Follow-Up Review 2,352K
Dennehotso Chapter First Follow-Up Review 3,039K
Kaibeto Chapter Special Review 1,697K
Leupp Chapter First Follow-Up Review 4,990K
Many Farms Chapter First Follow-Up Review 6,663K
Many Farms Chapter Second Follow-Up Review 4,005K
Mexican Springs Chapter Second Follow-Up Review 3,331K
Mexican Springs Chapter Third Follow-Up Review 1,995K
Naatsis'aan Chapter Second Follow-Up Review 2,432K
Sanostee Chapter Special Review 1,805K
Shiprock Chapter Third Follow-Up Review 1,793K
Tonalea Chapter Special Review 3,398K
Tsaile-Wheatfields Chapter Cash Disbursements Audit 2,067K
Tsaile-Wheatfields Chapter Cash Receipts Audit 3,636 K
Wide Ruins Chapter First Follow-Up Review 1,635K

Accounts Payable Duplicate Payments To Vendors 2,260K
Capital Improvement Office Fifth Follow-Up Review 2,085K
Department of Information Technology Second Follow-Up Review 2,439K
Deparment of Personnel Management First Follow-Up Review 2,297K
FMIS Address Book First Follow-Up Review 2,536K
Navajo Dept. of Workforce Dev. Second Follow-Up Review 2,519K
Navajo Div. of Transportation P-Card First Follow-Up Review 1,787K
Navajo Div. of Transportation Road Fund First Follow-Up Review 1,808K
NN Employee Bonus Program Special Review 4,805K
NN Paid Holidays Special Review 5,387
NNVA Ft. Defiance Agency First Follow-Up Review 1,335K
NN Veterans Administration Veterans Housing Program 13,888K
Ofc. of the Controller Disaster Rec. Plan First Follow-Up Review 2,440K

If you would like a copy of the full audit report or a report prior to October 2000, download the document request form and submit it to our office.

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