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Eastern Agency

The following Chapter(s) are LGA (Title 26) certified in this agency:

1) November 15, 2007- Littlewater Chapter, Littlewater, New Mexico

2) December 24, 2008- Bahaali Chapter, Breadsprings, New Mexico

3) December 21, 2010- Whiterock Chapter, Whiterock, New Mexico

4) March 6, 2012- Ojo Encino Chapter, Ojo Encino, New Mexico

5) December 22, 2014- Baca-Prewitt Chapter, Prewitt, New Mexico

6) April 15, 2015- Casamero Lake Chapter, Casamero Lake, New Mexico

Number of Chapters in Agency: 28

Note: Listing is in chronological order. Any new additions will be added accordingly.

LGA Certified

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